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Our firm was founded with a focus on small business and individuals. In 1995, the firm consolidated operations and moved to the Spencerport area. This allowed the firm to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding base.


In the late 1990's, our firm expanded to the Ontario area to continue to serve the needs of current clients along with new clients in the community.


In 2006, Michael Jeffers and Scott Birnie took over the firm, becoming Jeffers and Birnie CPA’s.


Michael Jeffers retired from the firm in June 2016. His long tenure and guidance of 40 years ensured that the service the firm provides will continue.


The firm has been here for its clients - assisting with planning, and managing through the challenges presented by booms and busts, an ever changing tax and political environment, and technological changes. The firm has been quick to respond to all client needs and will continue to do so.

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